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tv   Today  NBC  October 22, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EST

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we are back with more of "today" on a friday morning, 22nd day of october, 2010. we're going to enjoy that holiday dressed up. we always have a good time. out on the plaza. along with natalee morales and al roker and it's the time to get a great deal on houses.
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>> we have got barbara corcoran here, she's going to show us how much your money will buy for $200,000. then we're talking about halloween. a lot of kids it's all about scaring people. and we're going to show you how to get your kids over the fright of halloween night. >> and then some beauty pageant competitions, getting a little bit of unexpected help, because now they're helping out. they're doing everything from the primping and the pampering. they're going to be here to answer some of your questions coming up. if you have more questions send them to
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tamron hall is standing by at the news desk. she's got the headlines. >> good day, everyone. republicans and democrats have intensified their drive to win the high stakes u.s. senate race in nevada. president obama campaigns tonight in las vegas with senate majority leader harry reid. the desperate search is underway for possible survivors after a passenger ferry capsized following a collision with a passenger ship. the ferry is upside down in the water, it's not clear how many people may have been on board. a california man is in custody after police say he barricaded himself inside a shopping mall and started a fire. the s.w.a.t. team moved in and the man was arrested. part of the mall was destroyed. three people were killed after a -- the cause of that
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crash is now under investigation. the former commander of canada's biggest air force base has been sentenced to two life terms in a high profile murder case, here's the story. >> reporter: the chilling confession of a cold-blooded murder. >> i put tape on her mouth and then i put tape on her nose. she couldn't breathe. >> reporter: dubbed the killer colonel. thursday the decorated pilot receiveded two life sentences for a laundry list of crimes including the savage murders of two women. >> you don't see the light of day. i don't care what stipulations there is on him, as long as he dies in jail, i'm happy.
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>> reporter: an air base commander, he flew with dignitaries including the queen of england. williams, who's married, kept a meticulous journal of his double life, his gruesome crimes. convicted of 82 burglaries, williams broke into homes, stole underwear from women and little girls, and photographing himself in lingerie while still in their rooms. >> this is a problem that got progressively worse as time went on. >> reporter: petty theft turned to rapes and homicide. he videotaped his brutal attacks and the desperate pleas of his victims. >> what this case demonstrated was that the justice system could deal with even the most horrific of crimes in a dignified and respectful way. >> reporter: at sentencing, williams apologized for what he
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called despicable crimes. once decorated as canada's military brass. and britain says there is no danger at what's being called the world's most advanced nuclear powered submarine ran aground off the coast of the scotland. no one was hurt, it's not clear how it ended up on the rocks. >> as we see what's happening for today, we have tropical storm richard south of grand cayman, 40-mile-per-hour winds, stationary right now, but the path of that brings it out into the gulf sometime early wednesday morning, so texas and parts of the gulf coast may have a problem later on next week. and we have also got for today a risk of strong storms from texas into canada and nebraska, rain and windy conditions, with some snow showers in northern new england.
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the mid-atlantic states into the gulf coast. >> we're going to see plenty of sunshine today. with a high of 49 degrees. a couple of degrees warmer in the >> now on "today's" real estate, and what you can get across the country for $200,000. great to see you, barbara.
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in arlington, tennessee, this is a home for 159,900. >> it's a family neighborhood and when you see this house, you can tell from the outside it's immaculate, it backs up to the neighborhood screen space. the house has a really open floor plan with high ceiling. there's the dining room, triple windows in the dining room, nice molding. >> what about the dark wall color. >> here we get away with it, because the windows are so bright. but you should paint walls lighter because that's what everybody wants. a large kitchen but totally functional and in great shape. a sunny breakfast nook. you have a little bit less space, i think that's a room that everybody would enjoy having their breakfast in. the fenced backyard, has a big green lawn, i think that little
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patio is far too small. at least put a little bit of fencing around it. doesn't look like a comfortable place to sit. but the entire backyard is surrounded by a nice privacy fence. >> let's head to ogden, utah. this is a big house, five bedrooms at $166,900. >> this is a huge house, you're going to love it. ogden, by the way, they should paint that bright red. anyway, ogden is a great family town, there used to be a place where there were murders and prostitution in the center of town until the 1950s with a great mayor who cleaned the place up. this is the living room right there, the house is ten years old. and it has a big picture window as you can see there, high ceilings, there's an open dining area, adjacent to that living room, that also has plenty of light, you can actually see back out there, that's your little
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terrace in the back. i like how it's totally open to the kitchen. there is a breakfast bar in the kitchen, as you saw, really nice blond counters. there's also a pretty backyard with a deck, a rock pond, multiple seating areas and that little square thing off to the right, i had a hard time figuring it out. i thought it was a coffin, but it's actually a barbecue. it's unusual, but there you have it. take it easy. >> all right, let's go to lawrenceville, georgia. outside of atlanta. it's 177,000 which is great for atlanta. >> this is named for the navel captain, dan lawrence who said don't give up the ship. but also for people who don't know, that guy is actually from
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new jersey. it's a clean white house with a front porch and a large lawn. even underneath that carpeting, you just saw, there's the kitchen, cheerful as can be, when that works, it really works. a double window above that sink, with that shot you can see that beautiful dining room off on the center which has double doors and goes right into the backyard. the family room has nice molding, and it makes you want to sit there and enjoy yourself right through the winter. it all comes, remember, for $177,000. that's a cheap price. >> that's amazing, especially just outside of atlanta. let's go to killing, alabama. there we have got a town that's in the northern part of the state. it's near the tennessee border. a three bedroom home, $182,500. >> how clever was this owner to
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photograph the house in the daytime with all the lights on. never saw it done. people ought to be doing it. it just says welcome home. it's got great curb appeal. don't know if you notice that lawn was perfectly edged. there's the living room, they kept the colors really light. they kept the archways throughout. everything's open, you got a peek at the dining room in the back there. there's those beautiful wood floors and that's a full wood burning fireplace. meticulously staged. i don't think you could move into that place and do a things to the house. the kitchen in that house is very fresh and bright. there's a second laundry room you can't quite see from this shot. but it's off the kitchen, separate from the kitchen. the bedrooms are on opposite sides of the house, people love it because it gives you great quiet and great privacy. >> put the kids on the other side of the house.
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>> there's the backyard there,'s a small covered porch in the backyard, again the lawn is maintained. it's a great starter house, it's only 182,000 with that big backyard. >> let's finish up in austin, texas, a 3 bedroom home, $199,900. this is a compact. this is just minutes from the hopping downtown. it's got those itchy bushes on the backyard. they should be ripped out and a big fat bush put in the right corner, that would make a big difference. that's actually your entrance as you walk in, you can see the dining room that's connected to the living room. once you have a peek at that living room, you can see that there are three big windows and there are red sofas, in austin, texas, you want to be cool. you don't want that color in austin, texas, in my opinion.
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b there's a spic and span kitchen there, they're easy if we can find it here. very easy to run back and forth to make up your meal. i don't mind that kitchen at all. the master bedroom has an interesting ceiling, large windows with the morning light. and there's a small back porch surrounded by a nice additional green lawn. nice house. $199,000. >> and the history lesson thrown in for free. >> i'm not going to do that if you're going to make fun. >> i'm not making fun. barbara corcoran, have a great weekend. it can be a scary might for some kids, how to handle your children's halloween fears. how to look good in your favorite pair of jeans. we'll show you the exercises that really make a difference. but first, these messages.
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"today's" celebrating halloween is brought to you by milky way. halloween is better with milky way. >> this morning on "today" celebrates halloween, what can be a fun night for some kids can cause major anxiety in some kids. good morning, gail. >> good morning. >> this is like a hot topic for a lot of parents especially. but is fear ever something that is normal and healthy? >> fear is completely normal and healthy. and kids go through different fears at different ages appropriate to whatever their age is because fear keeps us a little bit in check. anxiety can help protect us. real things that are dangerous. also, overcoming fears can help us to be resilient people. so we really, as a child, you have fears, you then overcome
9:18 am
them little by little, and that proves to you you're able to sort of manage things. >> how do you know if it's fear or it's something more serious. >> fears are, you know, this makes me a little scared, but if it's important, i'll manage, i'll do it anyway, i'll go to school, i'll go to camp, i'll go to visit this aunt who has a dog that i'm afraid of because it's important and i can sleep through the night. but a phobia is you really avoid things, you start just avoiding important things in life, it really changes your life function and you really feel the kind of fear that's just sort of overwhelming. >> and maybe in children you see anxiety and other signs? >> a quarter of all children will have an anxiety disorder at some point. it's imminently treatable. but it's important to know when to bring a child in for treatment. >> fear of the dark, how do you deal with that? >> this is so common. but the point is to not belittle
9:19 am
your child's fear, you don't want to say yes, yes there are things in the dark. you want to be everyone pa thick. >> you don't need to make your child sleep in the dark, particularly when they're little. usually they grow out of this by earlied a doe les sense. >> what about fear of make believe monsters. >> this time of year, this is just torture for some children, they're going around, they see all the houses decorated. do not force your child to engage in these kinds of things if this is really scary for them. you want to be sympathetic, but yant do talk to them about
9:20 am
what's real and make believe. because these things are make believe. >> every time i see someone in that, it scared me and i'm not a kid. >> i understand that and if that's the case, probably if you had a kid, they would be scared too because things tend to run in families. but let them talk about their fears. it's healthy for them. >> what about the things that you walk by and they make a sound. >> these things that are making crazy noises, you can expose them little by little to more and more noise. >> dogs and cats. >> hugely common. especially if they have had a negative experience. don't force them to pet the dog, don't force them to be with the dog. introduce them little by little, look at the dog, look at the dog. then you want to find someone who has a small, very calm, very friendly dog and ask the child if they can pet it.
9:21 am
>> fear of death, this is a big one. >> and unfortunately, death is undeniable. so if your child is particularly preoccupied with the idea of death which is really separation at this time. don't push big separations, don't take them to every halloween site that has graveyards and so on. you can talk about what are their concerns about death? and these can be conversations and very healing and important for your child. what's your concept of after life and these things can be reassuring to a child. >> and to learn more about childhood fears and to watch a slide show by gail, log on to the we'll reveal the results of our makeover. but first, these messages.
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>> hope you're having a great friday. weather-wise, gorgeous out there. sunny skies this afternoon, a high rise around 60 degrees. cooler than normal. it will be quite breezy out there. wind westerly, 10 to 15 miles per hour with gusts up to 30 possible. tonight, in the upper 30'
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♪ you put your arm around me for the first time ♪ >> taylor swift is a major pop sensation with several albums under her belt. if you're in the area, it's going to be a crowded one, i think. head on down to the plaza. meanwhile coming up on this half hour, you've all heard of stage moms of course, and "today" we take you into the
9:31 am
pageant world. the dads are going to be here to answer some of your e-mail questions. friday night dinner can seem like a chore by the time you get through the rest of the week. here's some recipes that will get dinner on the table in no time. >> look at that big block of cheese. everyone has that one pair of jeans they love, whether they're big or small, but you don't always get the love back, so whether it's the muffin top. you know what that is. you've been doing this long enough. >> when your jeans fit tight and you've got a muffin top. >> these guys are going to die. >> we're going to help you get your jeans to fit.
9:32 am
>> lester holt is here to tell us what's coming up on "weekend today." >> this weekend we're going to be talking about chandra levy, it's been nine years since the intern disappeared in washington. the man accused of killing her, a star witness is going to be gary condit who was once suspected in the case. donnie and marie, they're back together and better than ever. and is it me or does it seem like everyone is kung fu fighting? >> still ahead some kung fu fighting here. >> we're going to find out who has the chops to make it work.
9:33 am
>> a lot of cheese. >> we're going to meet the only american grill master. i went up against that guy. >> we're hearing the music. >> are you ready for the weather? >> let's take a look and see what's gone on. we have got more rain and wind in the pacific northwest. we have got strong storms from texas all the way up into iowa. and then on sunday, you've got more rain and heavy winds in the pacific northwest. lower mississippi river valley seeing some strong storms, beautiful in the east, but more rain working its way into the great lakes. that's what's going on around the country. >> happy friday to you. plenty of sun forecast for you. breezy out of the west.
9:34 am
at 10-15. gusts up to 30 are possible. >> and of course on friday, we have to let you know, we're getting rid of the kung fu music, we're bringing in sunday night, football night in america. brett favre brings it on to lambeau field, his former teammates the packers. cloudy, cool, 50% showers, 51 to 55 degrees on send night, football night in america.
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9:39 am
starting out with maggie in michigan, if the girls decide they have had enough and want to stop, will you let them? >> i would death. -- i would definitely. it's a big part of her life right now, she's a 4-year-old. she woke up one day and said this is it for me, that's what it would be. >> what about you, lon? >> as long as she's happy doing it, but if she wants to stop today, then we stop. >> it's her call. >> it's her deal, so we just let her pick and choose. >> and just so we understand, what exactly are they competing in when they are competing in pageants? >> there's certain divisions, the age divisions and they're competing for the grand supreme, the ultimate supreme. which is the highest title you can win. >> there's dress to bathing suit competitions.
9:40 am
>> from beauty, it just depends on what category, there's always different categories, there's western wear and talent. >> it's very much like what we would see in a miss america or miss usa type pageant? >> yes. >> from watching toddlers and tiaras, i have seen a lot of the pageant contestants have meltdowns. sometimes i am disappointed by the mother's response. do you think as fathers you handle these inevitable moments differently? what do you do to keep them from happening? >> i have had quite a few meltdowns, she's like any child, they get tired, like right now, she's asleep. but as a parent, i think it's different to see a father out, you know, out there in the pageants of course. but where she sees me as kind of
9:41 am
like the main disciplinarian as the family. she pretty much knows if she sees me, she cools down a little bit. >> you wrote the article in "people" magazine out this week, did you see a difference between stage moms and pageant dads? >> i think we're used to seeing moms and daughters together, when you see the dads, they definitely have a different kind of relationship with their daughter. pageant directors have said that these dads are more laid back than the moms and the dads are having fun with the girls, and the dads are so cool with their daughters and the girls really like it. >> and i know you handle a lot of ava's make up and costumes. gina asks where did you learn to make these dresses and what inspired you to get involved with your daughter's pageant instead of other activities?
9:42 am
>> my mom was a seamstress, basically it's the economy for me. i would not be able to dish out $6,000 for a dress. and i can cut prices and enter her in other themes and she's involved in dance and the modeling and all these other things, so i have to make cuts everywhere. so it's basically by necessity, i just learned how to do it. >> she looks beautiful. thank you so much for sticking around for us this morning. good luck with your future competitions and let us know how you do. >> and thank you for bringing this to our attention. coming up next in "today's" kitchen, two quick friday night dinner ideas after this. skimming kraft mac and cheese off the top again. mmm.
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good morning. in "today's" question, friday night dinners in a flash. robin miller is host of the food network's quick fix meals. and it's not going to break the bank. we're starting off with skirt steak, which is an economical piece of meet. >> i want to cook once and i want to get a second meal out of it. i have this resting, you want to start with room temperature meat, so the outside doesn't burn while the inside stays rare. i'm going to season with salt and pepper. >> and this cooks pretty quickly because it's such a thin cut of meet. >> maybe four minuteser side. i'm going to get that on there. and i'll do the other side. of course i already have some resting. >> sure, we'll get to that other batch, but here's what you want to do to make it fancy.
9:47 am
you have got to use flank steak and london broil. we're going to do some black pepper butter. a little bit of butter in a tiny sauce pan, and you put in a little bit of black pepper. you want to infuse the black pepper into the butter. this is carry over cooking, so you want to make sure that you rest it. so it stays nice and moist and beautiful. cross the grain, that way you don't get what feels like a big piece of bubble gum in your mouth. so you cut across the grain so it's beautiful. get it right to the plate. and you can serve it with some steamed vegetables. >> very simple. >> very simple. and we're going to pour over the black pepper butter. here's the trick, i make an
9:48 am
extra sauce over it. >> that's beautiful. >> here's the trick, you put it in a zip lock bag so you have it for the next day. this will keep in the refrigerator for two or thee days. here's another trick. i know you made fun of me. >> i love making fun of the big cheese. >> but you can save a lot of money by using a block of cheddar. you can freeze it and it grates better. we have got the shredded cheese. some salsa, some sour cream. this can be reduced fat sour cream and reduced fat cheddar and some chili poureder. now we're transforming the steak with black pepper butter, we have got corn tortillas, laid
9:49 am
flat. >> you put those on top? >> and you put this in the oven for how long? >> 375, 15 to 20 minutes. this is a fun, family meal. supereasy, superaffordable. >> a little b and while we're working up our meals, we're going to show you some perfect exercises for looking good in your jeans, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:50 am
9:51 am
public safety is a governor's most important job. that's why governor martin o'malley has instituted new dna and fingerprinting technology that's reducing violent crime... new, stronger domestic violence and abuse legislation... and o'malley passed new laws to better track and convict sexual predators, with even longer prison sentences. as a father of four, i know there's always more that we must do to protect our children and make maryland an even safer place to raise our families. this morning on get fit "today," the best exercises to look great in your jeans, whether it's your legs or the muffin top. david kirk is a fitness and wellness expert. he's put out his own book.
9:52 am
>> i'm not ready to bring it. but what is it about our bodies that, i don't know, when you put on your great pair of jeans you instantly know if you have gained. >> you really want to start with the muffin top and the obliques, you don't want anything hanging over the side, over the top, you don't want your butt down too low. >> let's start with the muffin top. why is it a problem area in the first place? >> as you get older, too much diet, drinking, too much dairy, sweets. >> you' roll on the ball and moe forward. >> all right, what do you do? >> right here, abs are nice and
9:53 am
tight and the knees are in to your chest. you can feel your abs really getting tightened and toned. >> how many reps? >> 10 to 15 reps. >> and this will target the muffin top area? >> is there a difference between muffin top and love handles? >> absolutely. >> what's the difference. >> front and sides. right here. and bring it right up. >> and so it's like a thigh crunch. >> you're really focusing on the obliques and the love handles. >> does that give you more of a challenge? >> ten to 15 reps. >> and you obviously switch sides. >> both sides there. and now let's work our way to the junk in the trunk. you want a little junk, but you
9:54 am
don't want too much? >> absolutely. my favorite exercise. rock back on the ball. and you're going to roll right up. >> does this focus on the lower or bottom part of your bottom? >> from the bottom right up. round, tight and high. >> and how many of these? >> 15 to 20 repetitions. amazing. >> what about the inner thinks. >> this is a great move. get in position nice and low, hands are tight right behind your head. it looks funny but it's good. all on the inner thinks. do this five times back and forth. >> and that will work it out? >> and one more exercise for us? >> my favorite, the sumo lunge. take it up, nice and high, take it out to the side and down working the outer think, the
9:55 am
outer butt. >> do you have anything i can do in a dress maybe at the office? >> all right, right here. you can do this. >> at the office, you can do it, perfect. >> saturday on "today," donnie and marie osmond share the fashion side of vegas. >> anything you learned from each other? >> nothing at all. >> nothing. [ ehrlich ] four years ago unemployment in maryland was under four percent. today, it's nearly double. and nearly a quarter of a million marylanders are looking for work. in addition, we face a national health care plan that will hurt small business and cost us jobs. so we have to ask, are you better off today than you were four years ago?
9:56 am
we're heading in the wrong direction. we need strong leadership. say no to things we can't afford. fix our health care plan. and refuse to raise taxes. martin o'malley can't do it. i will.
9:57 am
>> hope you are doing well today. high pressure has started to settle in over the area. with that said that it will give
9:58 am
us clear skies and beautiful sunshine, but chillier than normal. we might even see some frost overnight tonight. getting down to the 30's in the outlying areas. outlying areas. 67
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